What Makes a Guy Attractive

I recently read an article that said a man’s sex appeal increases if he plays the guitar. It quoted studies that show women were more likely to give a man their phone number if he was carrying a guitar case versus a gym bag or nothing at all. The study results were interesting, but not very surprising.

GuitarIt is pretty sexy when a man can play a musical instrument. I don’t think my old band nerd days are the reason I feel comfortable saying this. Just look at all the rock star romances out there, or the tortured hero in a historical romance who handles his frustration by playing the piano. Musicians in romance are cool.

But a man playing a musical instrument isn’t the only thing that increases sex appeal. It’s always sexy when a man is good with his hands (get your mind out of the gutter, lol), but I also think the items below (b/c you know I love a list) also can shoot a man’s sex appeal through the roof.

1. He can fix my car or change a tire. Picture how hot Branson was on Downton Abbey when he was wooing Lady Sybil while working on Lord Grantham’s car.
2. He can cook. The oh so sexy green-eyed chef from the movie Jumping the Broom comes to mind.
3. He’s smart. I mean really smart, like make me go Google something smart. And of course I’m picturing the 10th Doctor when I say this.
4. Power-but not in a skeevy manipulative way. T.I.’s song “You can have whatever you like” comes to mind . To say you want something and it’s immediately delivered. Sexy!
5. Humor, of course. I don’t need a research paper to know that Kevin Hart is cute because he’s so damn funny.
6. Confident without being arrogant. Think of that look Idris Elba gives that says “Yeah I’m sexy, and right now, it’s all focused on you” That’s confidence b/c an insecure man making that look would just be pitiful.
7. Artistic: Again it goes back to being good with your hands. Watching him handle the paint brush and bring life to a canvas is pretty darn sexy. And, “I want to paint you” is a pretty hot pick up line.
8. A good listener. Once, I had a crush on this guy mostly b/c when I talked to him he paid close attention. Eyes on me, questions at appropriate times, and his undivided attention. He wasn’t handsome in the traditional sense (red hair, thin, glasses) but the fact that he listened made him cute .

Where’s 9 and 10? Well, it’s cold and my mind is drawing a blank, so help me out. Give me two more things that make a guy sexy. Or give me a yea or nea to the items I listed.


10 Things Worse Than a 1 Star Review

After publication there is this crazy urge to check your sales rankings and reviews daily. It’s an obsession that as an author, I hated to submit to, but couldn’t control. Well, recently I made aen effort to stop. No more checking Amazon ranking every few hours, no trolling for new reviews on all the review sites. Instead I’ve focused on getting back into my writing groove and tackle several outstanding projects.

Going on vacation in the middle of my self imposed hiatus helped tremendously. It’s hard to worry about book sales when you’re in a house with 5 boys under the age of 10.

One thing I learned while taking time away from all this, is that I’ve not only been much happier, but it puts things into perspective. There are things much worse than getting a bad review. For those authors out there who are suffering from the 1 star review blues, giving me the side eye and mumbling “yeah right”,  I’m telling the truth. Here are my top ten things that are worse than a 1 star review.

  1. Hemorrhoids
  2. Cutting your finger while slicing lemons
  3. A gnat flying in your eye
  4. Someone sneezing on your neck
  5. A fly landing on the last bite of a very good meal
  6. A car accident
  7. Going to jail…or prison
  8. Losing your job
  9. Discovering your man is sleeping with your dad
  10. Death

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather get the one star review than any of those above. Now you tell me other things that are worse than a one star review.

90s Baby Making Music

It’s Friday and I want to have a little fun. I’m actually late with this post. The idea came when a friend of mine called to reminisce about the great music in the 90s. They don’t make R&B now the way they did in the back then. I mean, I appreciate Trey Songz and all, but homeboy ain’t got nothing on the men who made women swoon at the end of the last century.

So, to pay homage to my favorite decade, I’m listing some of the best love songs from the 90’s. And I’m not just thinking love songs that were sweet, I’m thinking of the songs that all you need to hear are the first chords and you still raise your hand, say “Alright now!” and lose yourself to the memories of good times.

Here’s my list, in no particular order.

1. Jodeci: Feenin. So many Jodeci songs can go on this list, but I picked this one because I still use this word! This song takes all of the passion, yearning and frustration you hold for that one person and ties it up nicely in one word. “I’m feening for you.” Read more of this post

10 Men My Husband Should Fear

First, let me preface this by saying that I love my husband and have no intention of ever leaving the wonderful life we have together. But, I do write romances, and spend a lot of my time daydreaming and creating fantasy. So I’ve decided to indulge my fantasy, by listing the 10 men that–should I ever get the chance–would severly test my belief in monogamy. They are not listed in any type of order, just randomly listed as I thought this out. Read more of this post

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