A New York Kind of Love

New York Kind of Love CoverWinning an all-expenses-paid weekend in New York with Hollywood’s sexiest heartthrob makes Faith Logan the envy of women everywhere. This small-town nurse has too many responsibilities, including caring for her aging parents, to be interested in fame or status. But as the sensual celebrity escorts her to exclusive Manhattan nightclubs and glitzy movie premieres, Faith is falling fast for the genuine, charismatic man behind the slick media image.

More used to fanatics and groupies, Irvin Freeman is surprised and intrigued by Faith’s down-to-earth personality. One impulsive kiss turns their private flirtation into public news. But paparazzi and crazed admirers are making her doubt their potential as a couple. Will the pressures of fame cause their love to fade before he can convince her they’ve found their own real-life happy ending?

From One Night to Forever (Henderson Family Book 4)

wpid-wp-1445348908573.jpgTrucker Aaron Henderson always loved his life of freedom on the open road, but a business opportunity from a friend finds him settling down in Resilient, Tennessee. On his first night there, he meets a singing beauty at a bar who stirs feelings he’s long forgotten. He’s all in for a night of fun … until the next day when he realizes his one-night stand is his new business partner’s baby sister.

Kacey Randal just wanted to a quick fling to blow off steam before diving into her last semester of business school. When she learns that Aaron’s working with her brother and has a list of female conquests as high as the mileage on his big rig, she’s perfectly willing to pretend their night together never happened.

But the fire burns hot between these two, making their secret nearly impossible to keep. Yet even as their feelings blossom, Aaron’s roaming ways make Kacey wonder if they can truly go from one night to forever.

Making it Real (Henderson Family Book 3)

Available now from Crimson Romance

After five years in prison, Kareem Henderson is starting his life over. Though business is good at his barbershop, his goal is to open a high-end gentlemen’s salon. But the road back is rough, and he needs connections in the society he once snubbed to make his dream a reality. He just never expected his second chance to come from the sexy female barber he hired last year.

Patrice “Neecie” Baldwin escaped the pressure of being the perfect daughter in one of North Carolina’s most prestigious families to live life on her own. When family responsibilities call her home, she fears going back will expose her to the pressures that nearly ruined her. Neecie needs a shield, and tall, handsome, bad boy Kareem seems impenetrable. So she offers him a deal: If he’ll pretend to be her fiancé, she’ll introduce him to all of her well-connected relatives.

But the more time they spend together, the more the irresistible attraction between them builds. They’re from such different worlds, but can this fake relationship make the cut and become something very real?


“The read is edgy, enjoyable and definitely entertaining.” —USA Today

Love’s Replay (Henderson Family Book 2)

Available now from Crimson Romance

imageDavid Henderson is willing to do just about anything to stop his father from selling the family’s successful automotive dealership. And that means proving to his pops that he’s serious about his future. Even getting married and having kids is on the table—especially when the love of his life, a woman he hurt through foolish mistakes, walks back in on his brother’s arm. He vows he’ll grab this second chance to make things right.

Sandra Miller didn’t think twice about the opportunity to move to a new city for her career. But the success she needs comes at a high price: she’ll have to partner with David Henderson, the man who said he loved her then crushed her heart. He’s making it clear he wants her back, but is the potential personal pain worth the professional gain?

Neither can ignore the desire simmering between them. But the mistrust and jealousy that tore them apart before is determined to prevent a replay of their love.

Just My Type (Henderson Family Book 1)

Available now from Crimson Romance

Just My Type CoverJaniyah Henderson may be an adult, but her dad doesn’t see it that way. Granted, she’s enjoying her post-college life of little-to-no responsibility, but when her dad announces at a family meeting that she can’t handle working a “real job”, there’s only one thing to do: land a desk job and prove him wrong. When her brother’s best friend, Fredrick Jenkins, needs a new assistant, she knows she’s the perfect candidate. So what if she’s had a crush on the conservative accountant since she was nine? She’s the last woman Freddy would fall for.

But Fredrick is far from impervious to Janiyah’s charms. Though he can’t help but be attracted to her, he knows Janiyah is more interested in eating his cereal and teasing him than viewing him as more than the good guy next door. When he offers her the job, he can’t imagine her giving up her late mornings and colorful outfits for 8:00 a.m. meetings and pantyhose for too long. But as Janiyah excels as his employee, he fears he’s in danger of falling hard for a woman he shouldn’t care for.

Pretty soon the attraction they’ve tried to ignore boils to the surface. And after Fredrick shows Janiyah the man behind the numbers, she’s ready to show him that she’s just the type of woman he needs.


“Just My Type by author Synithia Williams proves that opposites are really counterparts of a perfect whole.” Romance in Color

“I thought this was a charming and realistic love story and was a delight to read.” 4 Stars Books with Leti Del Mar

“Synithia Williams manages to provide an entrée into a developing relationship between two characters that speaks to every romance reader, and that presents us all with a new way of seeing the people around us.” 5 Stars I-Am Indeed


A Heart to Heal (Southern Love Book 3)

Available May 6, 2013 from Crimson Romance, Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble

AHTH CoverShayla Monroe fled her hometown of Helena, South Carolina, after a shocking situation broke the heart of the only guy she’d ever loved. Years later, after losing her job in Atlanta with her name once again shrouded in scandal, she has nowhere to go but home.

Now a devastatingly handsome and well-respected man, Devin Jones became a successful doctor as a way to forget Shayla’s betrayal. When she returns as infamously as she left, he plans to put aside old feelings and treat her as any other person in town. But after looking into her soft brown eyes, the feelings he thought long dead quickly rush to the surface.

Ignoring rumors, disapproval from family and friends, and promises to avoid each other, the two become friends … then lovers. Devin wants all or nothing, but Shayla, haunted by her past, is afraid their relationship will damage what’s left of her reputation. Can two broken hearts survive the fight against past and present demons to heal and find love?


A HEART TO HEAL is truly an emotional  roller-coaster running the gamut of human emotions and every moment is worth it  to see Shayla finally receive justice, closure and the happiness she so richly  deserved. -Romance in Color

As I started reading, I realized that this was different.  I was looking at a woman that was broken.  I felt a connection to Shayla that I was not expecting to feel. –Romance Book Worm

Worth the Wait (Southern Love Book 2)

Available: January 7, 2013 from Crimson Romance, Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Barnes and Noble

WTW CoverWhen a virgin frustrated by her nonexistent dating life, asks a playboy for a one-night stand, can they really ignore their attraction after the affair?

After Tasha Smith is dumped yet again because of her virginity, she decides it’s time to stop saving herself for marriage and start dating like women in the twenty-first century. She sets out to find a man rumored to be good enough in bed to relieve her of the nuisance, but discreet enough to keep her request a secret. Jared Patterson seems like the perfect candidate. Yet after one searing kiss, she wonders if she’ll escape the night unscathed.

Jared’s job as a successful fitness instructor and entrepreneur has helped him keep a string of meaningless relationships from the east to the west coast. After learning the hard way that women can’t be trusted, he has no qualms going from one sex only relationship to the next. Although Tasha is one of the few types of women he avoids—a good girl—the man in him can’t turn down her tempting offer.

What starts out as a onetime thing quickly turns into an affair neither want to stop. But when an unexpected situation drastically alters their relationship, it leaves them both asking if it was Worth the Wait.


“WORTH THE WAIT is a great contemporary romance with fresh young characters that readers will certainly enjoy. The plot is conventional but Synithia Williams manages to put an innovative spin that makes it fun and appealing. WORTH THE WAIT is thoroughly entertaining, scandalously funny and a modern take on old fashion values. I can’t wait to see more novels from Synithia Williams.” –Romance in Color

“This is a smart story with humor and plenty of steam that made me smile, made me sad, and had an ending that I loved. Definitely recommend.” 5 Stars, WiLoveBooks

You Can’t Plan Love (Southern Love Book 1)

Available at: Barnes and Noble, Amazon, All Romance E-Books, Paperback

After several bad relationships, Kenyatta Copeland decides to control her love life with the same discernment she uses in her professional life.

Knowing firsthand the heartbreak that comes when desire and emotion rule a relationship, Kenyatta assumes marrying Brad Johnson will lead to a stable life. But as much as she believes she can plan her future, it’s hard to ignore the way her boss, Malcolm Patterson, ignites her passions with just one look. After Malcolm learns of her engagement, he makes a play for her heart and reminds her that passion between a man and a woman has its perks … but also its costs. When Brad suspects there’s more than work between Kenyatta and Malcolm, he works harder to keep Kenyatta by his side. Torn between her promise to marry Brad and her irrepressible longing for Malcolm, Kenyatta must decide if she can live her life in a passionless marriage of convenience or once again trust her heart. But Brad does not intend to let her go easily, and by the time she realizes this it may be too late.


“I enjoyed reading about Kenyatta’s struggle to make the right choice. There is also a suspenseful twist. I recommend this for anyone who enjoys romance with steam and drama.” ~4 stars Wilovebooks Click here to read the entire review.

“Williams’ debut novel is dramatic, passionate and certainly not your typical romance. Yes it has steamy love scenes but the core of the story is the complexity of relationships – a need for romance, being in control of emotions, giving into desire – it’s all here” ~Click here to read entire review.

“This story had different levels that readers will enjoy. The issues were realistic and Kenyatta’s habits are ones that readers will be able to relate to. ” Teresa Beasley from APOOO Book Club –Click here to read the entire review.

“This is my first read by Synithia William and I will continue looking for her books in the future. I truly recommend this book to anyone that is ready to read a story where you will laugh, cry, want to kill someone and get insanely hot.” 4 Stars The Romance Reviews

“Looking for an intense novel to indulge in? I would like to recommend “You Can’t Plan Love” by Synithia Williams. It’s a romance novel guaranteed to satisfy your desire for good reading!” 5 Stars OOSA Online Book Club

Click here to read review from Night Owl Reviews


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  1. Greetings from a fellow Platform-Building Campaigner. Congratulations for your completed manuscript, and best of luck with it!

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  4. Dana says:

    I just read both of your books in 2 days. Wow…excellent!! I look forward to more of your work. Keep up the good work:-) When will you have something new? I’m so happy I stumbled across your books on Amazon.

  5. Melinda says:

    I had to the pleasure of reading both of your books. I enjoyed them both and would recommend them to my other friends that are faithfull romance seeker. I await the next book on May 6.

  6. S.Corley says:

    When are going to write the next part of the Caldwell family,love the love story.

    • Synithia W says:

      I’m working on the next Caldwell book now, but don’t have a release date scheduled. Believe me, I’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s coming 🙂

  7. Misha P says:

    LOVEEEE your books. Just read all of the Henderson series. Great job I was just hoping for future books if we could get an epilogue?!

    I need more Lol

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