From One Night to Forever Release Day!!

Hey everyone! I’m super excited about the release of my 8th book (really 8?). Today’s the release of From One Night to Forever, the last book in the Henderson Family series. It’s with bittersweet feelings that I watch this series come to an end. I had a hard time wrangling Aaron Henderson to his happily ever after. A guy like him isn’t easy to settle in one place, as you’ve seen from the other novels. But he did find the right woman for him in Kacey Randal.

Kacey’s worked in her family’s restaurant all her life, and she’s used to the truckers that come through looking for a hook up. Aaron is only supposed to be a one night fling, but he quickly works his way into her heart. As the Henderson men are likely to do. I hope you enjoy this installment. And keep on the lookout. I’ve got ideas for a spinoff, and hopefully, I’ll get the chance to write and publish it.

Are you sad to see the end of the Henderson series? What do you think would make an interesting spinoff?


wpid-wp-1445348908573.jpgTrucker Aaron Henderson always loved his life of freedom on the open road, but a business opportunity from a friend finds him settling down in Resilient, Tennessee. On his first night there, he meets a singing beauty at a bar who stirs feelings he’s long forgotten. He’s all in for a night of fun . . . until the next day when he realizes his one-night stand is his new business partner’s baby sister.

Kacey Randal just wanted to a quick fling to blow off steam before diving into her last semester of business school. When she learns that Aaron’s working with her brother and has a list of female conquests as high as the mileage on his big rig, she’s perfectly willing to pretend their night together never happened.

But the fire burns hot between these two, making their secret nearly impossible to keep. Yet even as their feelings blossom, Aaron’s roaming ways make Kacey wonder if they can truly go from one night to forever.


The band revved up and the sounds of “Lady Marmalade” filled the place. The guy next to him drummed his hands on the bar. “I love it when she sings this,” he said to Aaron.

Aaron nodded at the guy’s enthusiasm. “Number-one fan” would be an understatement of the man’s excitement. Aaron focused back on the woman who had the poor guy so enthralled.

His first thought was she was a little too skinny. He liked them like the bartender, but the songstress had perfect curves in just the right locations. Her face immediately drew him in. She wasn’t classically beautiful—some would say her lips were too full or her cheeks too sharp—but that didn’t prevent Aaron’s heart from starting a crazy rhythm.

She swayed from side to side with the music. Her slim hips hypnotized him and the rest of the men in the crowd with their easy flow in dark jeans and tall black heels. A red tank top with a white heart with wings spread across her perfect rack, and dark straight hair brushed her russet brown shoulders. With each word and graceful movement she commanded the stage. Her voice belted out to perfection the suggestive lyrics with enough passion to have Aaron shifting in his seat.

Aaron tapped the guy next to him. “Hey, what’s her name again?”

“Kacey,” the guy said almost with idolization.

Kacey? He would’ve expected something more elaborate or flamboyant. Something more suited to the goddess onstage.

“Me and her used to hang out,” the guy said. “I think I may try to rekindle that flame tonight. Know what I’m saying?” Another elbow to Aaron. “Show her why breaking up with me wasn’t such a good idea.”

Aaron shook his head. The guy’s overuse of the elbow and “know what I’m saying” made Aaron think Kacey was smart for breaking things off.

Aaron picked up his beer without taking his attention off the woman onstage, the curvy bartender forgotten. Aaron brought the bottle to his lips and watched the seductive sway of Kacey’s hips as she sang the Creole words every man wanted to hear from a beautiful woman. “Do you want to go to bed with me tonight?” Heat rose slowly up his body, an affirmative answer to her lyrical question.

No complications, remember?

Aaron pushed the thought aside. Talking to her a little wasn’t the same as going home with her.

“Can I get you another drink?” Monique asked.

Aaron shook his head. “No, but you can send one over to her on my tab when she’s done.” He pointed to his stage goddess.

Monique cocked a brow and chuckled. “No offense, but you’re the sixth person who’s ordered my sister a drink tonight.”

Aaron leaned on the bar. “Sister, huh? One of these guys in here special to her?”

Monique shook her head and leaned a hand on her hip. “Nope.”

“And there are five guys ahead of me interested in getting her attention tonight?”

A smirk crossed Monique’s features. “Yep.”

Aaron raised a brow. “None of us stand a chance, huh?” He took another sip of the beer.

“She’s the good sister. If you want some fun tonight, you might want to look elsewhere.” Monique winked again, then went down the bar to tend to the other customers.

A smart man would follow the path of least resistance. One night stands and easy hookups were more his thing. Anything else lead to feelings, which lead to serious relationships followed soon after by the bad break up. Aaron was very familiar with bad breakups having been through one before. Bad because he’d chosen to walk away rather than accept at twenty-two he was ready for a long-term commitment. He’d broken up with Denise, the only woman he’d come close to loving, and lived his life since having fun and being free.

Aaron glanced back at the goddess onstage. Her gaze swept the room, caught his, jerked away, and then snuck back. An electric sizzle zoomed across his skin from the brief contact. Aaron smiled and brought the beer to his lips. One night of fun didn’t mean a relationship. And he wasn’t interested in the path of least resistance. He always preferred a challenge.

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  1. Congratulations on your new release, Synithia!!

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