I Shouldn’t Want You, But… Making it Real Excerpt

As promised, here is another excerpt from Making it Real which releases on Monday June 1st. In the last excerpt I let you see the challenge Kareem is facing with taking his business to the next level. In this one I want you to see his relationship with Neecie Baldwin, The woman who eventually breaks down his walls and he falls in love with. Neecie cuts hair in his barber shop. Not only does she work for him, but she’s looking for the type of relationship that he doesn’t think he can provide.  He’s spent a year ignoring his attraction. But, as we all know, ignoring the person you’re feeling is sometimes very hard to do.



Making it Real Cover (522x800)“I’m done with my client.” Neecie stepped further into the office. She didn’t make eye contact. Instead her gaze darted between the wall and his desk. Yeah, she hadn’t made eye contact with him in his office since catching him in there with his ex-girl bent over the desk. That night Neecie’s dark eyes had grown wide with shock after she’d burst in, but she’d stayed a second longer than necessary before spinning on her heels and hauling ass.

“Did you lock the door behind him?” Kareem asked.

“Not yet. I’m going to clean up my area then go.”

Kareem frowned and slowly stood. Locking the door at night was the first thing he stressed when she’d started working for him. He didn’t need some strange guy, high on desire after seeing Neecie and her perfect tits through the glass, coming in and harassing her. “Lock the door.”

“I am, but first can you change the music for me?” Her gaze met his, and she quickly looked away again.

The shy routine only heated his blood. Neecie liked what she’d seen that night, and damn if he didn’t want to give it to her. But she wasn’t that type of girl—not like his ex who loved sex the only way Kareem knew how to give it.

Kareem came around his desk. “Why would I change my music?”

Neecie instantly stepped back and out of his office. The way she scurried to avoid being alone with him in that place was almost funny. Her embarrassment also turned him on, making him wonder what bending her over his desk would be like as he followed her out.

“I found this hot new artist over the“Love is a beautiful thing, Kareem,” she said, completely ignoring the sarcasm in his voice. She scrolled across the screen of her smartphone. “And this guy … you can tell he’s been in love before. It’s in the way he says the words. It’s like poetry. If only I could meet a man who put words together words like that.”

The corner of Kareem’s lip twitched. “You’re hanging out in the wrong place, honey. The men that come through here don’t know a thing about poetry. Except the vulgar kind.”

“Maybe so,” she said, handing over her phone. “But one day I hope to fall in love. Get married. All that stuff.”

“You seem the type. Ready to be the perfect housewife.”

“Hold up.” Neecie placed a hand on her hip. “I never said I wanted to be a housewife. I just said I want to get married one day. I’m not trying to submit to some guy and sit around waiting for him to hand out an allowance.”

Kareem raised a brow. The housewife jab had worked to bring out her spark. Seeing the spitfire beneath the sweetness always made him want to fire her up. “Submitting to a guy isn’t always bad. In the right circumstances.” His gaze traveled across her thick curves before returning to her eyes.

Neecie inhaled quickly and broke eye contact. “Love is a partnership. Mutual trust, mutual love, mutual understanding. Give and take. That’s all I’m saying.”

Kareem let her avoid his meaning. Neecie was too good to get what he wanted to give. Glancing down at the screen of the cell phone he cringed at the picture of the album she’d downloaded. The guy on the cover looked like the kind of lame dude she’d fall for—tall, lanky, wearing too tight pants, a fedora, and glasses with a guitar in his hands. Kareem read the title, Love Poems, and snorted.

Neecie laughed and playfully pushed his shoulder. “Stop, and hurry up while I clean up.”

“You know this guy is just like every other guy.” Kareem used the AC adaptor cord coming from the speakers to plug into her phone. “All this love crap he’s spitting is just a front to get in a woman’s pants.”

“All men aren’t like that.”

He switched the stereo to the AUX mode. “Yes, they are. All men are thinking about what angle to work so they can hit.”

She waved her hand, bringing over a whiff of some new fruity body spray he wasn’t familiar with. Every week she came in smelling like some new, tempting thing—another weapon to add to the smile and too many curves that distracted all the men in his shop.

“Whatever, Kareem, just play the damn music.” She pushed past the curtain to go back to the main part of the shop.

The corner of his mouth lifted. Neecie was so sweet and sentimental, even her curses were cute. “You just lock the damn door.”

“Music, Kareem,” Neecie yelled back.

He shook his head and hit play on the phone. Not many people ordered him around. He would have put her in her place long ago—if she weren’t so damn cute. The sappy sounds of a guy in love filled the air. Kareem groaned. Back to the office where I don’t have to listen to this crap. Plus, he didn’t need to watch Neecie swaying her hips back and forth to the music. Not in his frustrated state.


About Synithia W
I write love stories filled with passion and drama at night, I improve air and water quality during the day, and I love my husband and kids in between.

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