Pictures Help Write the Story

You know that person who always refuses to get on a social media site because they claim the site is just a fad? Well, that person typically is me. Then I end up joining the site and love it. Starting way back when with MySpace, then Facebook–which I joined one night after drinking several glasses of wine–and I joined Twitter after checking out Twitter for Dummies at the library. Between Facebook and Twitter I believed I’d hit my social media limit. I turned up my nose to those who declared Pinterest as the most awesome thing ever and claimed only “kids” got on that Instagram.

Well, I had to eat my words again. I don’t know who was the exact person that turned me onto Pinterest, but one day the benefits of Pinterest to my writing kind of clicked. I usually see a picture somewhere that reminds me of a noun in my story. You know, a person , place or thing. When I find a picture like that, I’m saving it on my phone, emailing to myself or putting it in a story file on my computer.

Then it hit me. “Synithia,” I said. “Why don’t you just create a board on Pinterest for each book?”

After that, BAM, I’m rocking and rolling on Pinterest. I use the boards to help me describe an outfit and/or location or keep my vision for a character’s appearance handy. I have a few public boards, but I keep my book boards private while I work. Today I got to thinking there’s no real reason to keep the boards of completed books private. Maybe my readers will find them interesting. Here is the link to my Love’s Replay board.  Love’s Replay was the first novel I created a board for. Now things are coming along a lot easier with the rest of the books in the Henderson series along with the Caldwell series I plan to self publish.

And it’s so much easier to click on the Pinterest board for a refresher than trying to find space to hang all of these pictures. My writing area is my kitchen table, not a good place for pictures of men with no shirts.

Being proven wrong about the fantastic uses of the various social media sites–yeah, I joined the Insta–I shall no longer turn up my nose at the next big social media that comes around. You never know how useful it may turn out to be.

Now once you check out my Love’s Replay board, tell me if you have any surprises? I’d love to know if you pictured a character differently from me.

Where I hang out online: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. Though I’m most active on Twitter 🙂


About Synithia W
I write love stories filled with passion and drama at night, I improve air and water quality during the day, and I love my husband and kids in between.

3 Responses to Pictures Help Write the Story

  1. Patricia D Whaley says:

    I love your books they are so real I don’t go on other things because I can’t get the words from my mind to the page I think that if my spelling is seen I will be seen as the S word that we tell our children to not call others

  2. livrancourt says:

    Such pretty pictures…
    I rely on Pinterest pretty heavily for my books. I save pictures for each of the main characters and of the main settings, and usually random stuff that just has the right vibe. It’s fun, and it gives me an excuse for fiddling around on Pinterest when I should be writing. It’s RESEARH. Seriously.

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