No Kissing Happening Here

Happy New Year, y’all! 2015 is here and I’m diving in to the new year by participating in a fun blog fest. I love the tension and build up before a couple gets physical in a romance. Especially the build up to a kiss. That’s why I signed up to participate in the No Kiss Blog Fest. My contribution is a “no kiss” between David and Sandra from Love’s Replay. They’ve already kissed previously and are trying to pretend as if they haven’t and move on, which makes it even harder when the tension ramps up between them. Check out the section below:


No smeared lipstick in this blog fest!

No smeared lipstick in this blog fest!

David crossed over to stand beside her. The sun was setting, blanketing them in shadows. She could just make out his features in the fading light. “Thank you for coming over. I want to make sure everything goes smoothly tomorrow.” His voice was as quiet as the night. Soft and silky as the cool evening breeze coming off the lake. She took a step back and bumped into one of the patio chairs. It threw her off balance and she fell backwards into the chair. Thankfully, the cushion broke her fall. But her arms and legs splayed out in all directions. David’s eyes widened. “Are you okay?” Laughter mixed with his voice. “I’m fine,” she said, as embarrassment heated her cheeks. She tried to stand, but slipped and fell back again. This time he didn’t suppress his laugh. She must look like a fool, or a fish, the way she flopped around on that chair. Always falling on her ass to avoid falling into his arms. “You could help me up. Instead of laughing at me.” “You’re right, I’m sorry.” He leaned over, but instead of helping her up, he placed his hands on the chair’s armrests. In the coming darkness, she saw the humor on his face, but something much more detrimental to her blazed in his eyes. “I forgot how much I enjoyed listening to you laugh.” His voice was all wrong, or just right depending on how you considered it. All wrong if she didn’t want him to hit on her. Just right because it awoke those same memories in her. Memories of lying in bed, wrapped in his arms, talking and laughing about everything. Those were her happiest times. The moments when she was sure she was with the man she would spend the rest of her life with. “I used to like laughing with you.” Remorse crept into her reply. “Maybe one day we’ll be able to laugh together again.” “Maybe, but not like we used to.” Her voice didn’t waver. His smile became sad. “Not like we used to.” His warm hands clasped hers and he swiftly pulled her up. She swayed a second from the quick change. He continued to hold her hand and give her a look that was part determination and part hope. “But possibly in a new way.” He lifted one of her hands and spun her around. Caught up in the silliness of having David twirling her as if they were in a ballroom instead of his back porch, her smile from earlier returned. When she faced him again he linked the fingers of the hand holding hers between her fingers. “Can’t we?” he asked. When had she ever been able to deny that smile? “One day, maybe, we’ll laugh together in a new way.” His hand squeezed hers. “I’ll take that. For now.” His voice lowered on the last part. Slipped to something that sent her heart racing. He quickly let go of her hand and stepped away. Cool night air replaced the tempting heat of his body and a breeze blew away the last bit of his cologne that had worked its way past her defenses. “I know you probably have other things to do tonight, so I’ll let you go,” he said. Actually, she didn’t have anything else to do tonight. But she’d rather cut out her tongue than admit how much she wanted to stay. Or how much it threw her off that he’d let the moment slide. He’d had her vulnerable for a split second. When they were laughing and he twirled her, the defenses had come down. They had too much history for her not to accept it was there, and he knew her too well not to have felt it too. Yet he let it pass. He was allowing her to escape without them going through the awkwardness that would result when she tried to pick up the shreds of her dignity, and spout off yet again why they’d never be together. It was a lie even she was having a hard time believing. “I do have some things I need to get back to.” He walked her back through the house to the front door. They faced each other and stared for several seconds. “Well … I’ll see you tomorrow,” she finally said. “’Til tomorrow then.” She reached out her hand at the same time he leaned in for a hug. Her hand bumped into the firm muscles of his stomach. She wanted to run her fingers across his abs. She jerked her hand back instead. He grinned and rubbed where she’d bumped him. “If you didn’t want to hug me, you didn’t have to hit me,” he said with a teasing sparkle in his eye. A nervous laugh escaped her. “It’s my defense against unexpected hugs.” “Now that you’re expecting it, how about you try not to hit me?” He opened his arms. Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it. He closed the distance and wrapped his strong arms around her. The memories of how good it always felt to be in his embrace, and desire to be there again popped inside like a party balloon, sprinkling the confetti of her mixed emotions all over her heart. He pulled back before she could make sense of her reaction. “Good night, Sandra. Drive safe, okay?” He ran his hands down her arms, the paused before finally letting her hands go. He opened his mouth as if to say something, before clamping his lips together and taking a step back. Saying goodbye appear to be just as difficult for him as it was for her? Because she didn’t trust her voice, she nodded, then twisted around and rushed to her car.


I hope you enjoyed the excerpt. If you want to get a little more hot and bothered, check out the rest of the no kiss moments in the blog fest by going to

If you want to read more of Love’s Replay, you can purchase a copy at most ebook retailers, or get it from the Crimson Romance site at 30% off everyday. Now, tell me why you love a no kiss scene in romance novels, or if you hate them, why?


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4 Responses to No Kissing Happening Here

  1. livrancourt says:

    You better run, Sandra, right back into his arms!

  2. Very sweet and tempting. I can see why she’s realizing that things aren’t over between them! Lots of chemistry in this!

  3. Amanda says:

    Oh, Sandra…I hope you’re not foolish for much longer!

  4. Jami Gray says:

    Got to love those moments when you so want to cooly composed and life just won’t let it happen.
    Great scene!

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