You Know You Want Him – Love’s Replay Preview

In two weeks Love’s Replay hits the virtual shelves! I hope you all enjoy this second chance love story. As usual, I’m going to post a few excerpts before the release day. The scene below is at David’s birthday party. He and Sandra haven’t seen each other since college, and not only are they both shocked they’re surprised by how quickly old feelings are stirred up. This is from Chapter 2 in Sandra’s point-of-view. Enjoy!


imageTwo steps out of the bathroom Sandra and Yvonne froze. David sat on the bed. When his dark eyes met hers, Sandra’s heart—which had finally calmed down—jacked up so fast she could imagine the rest of her body wondering if she were riding a roller coaster. Her stomach fluttered with expectation as warmth seeped across her body. She recognized that look. The unwavering stare that used to signal he wanted her. In college she’d tuck her hair behind her ear or tug on her clothes under the scrutiny. He’d said he loved when she did that, because the simple motions let him know she wanted him as much as he did her. She wrestled back her reaction. She would not—could not—fall back into her old habits when it came to him.

Lifting her chin, she returned his regard with a cool stare. His brows drew slightly together with a small frown. Pride, and bit of smug satisfaction, rose within her that she didn’t outwardly react.

“So much for privacy,” Yvonne said dryly.

David stood and slowly walked over. His polished good looks hadn’t dimmed with time. She focused on the outfit suited for lounging at the Playboy mansion, instead of how handsome he was. Even with the immaculately trimmed beard around his full lips—and she hated beards—the man was gorgeous. He may be handsome, but he was still the same guy she’d known—the guy who loved attention.

He didn’t break eye contact as he crossed the room and stopped in front of her. She pressed her foot into the floor to keep from stepping back. The heat of his body and masculine smell of his cologne made a direct attack on her good sense. With her heels on they were almost eye level. At five foot nine, there weren’t many men who towered over her when she wore heels. Yet he had a good inch on her. Large, overpowering, and awakening things that didn’t need to be stirred.

He glanced at Yvonne. “You can’t expect much privacy when you’re in a house full of people.” He turned his dark eyes on Sandra. “Or when you’re in my bedroom.” His voice carried the memories of all the nights she’d once spent in his bedroom.

A delicious thrill went across her skin. Inside, her body danced with suppressed desire. She crossed her arms over her chest. “I promise you I won’t make the mistake of coming in your bedroom ever again.”

The corner of his mouth lifted. “Was it really a mistake?”

She scoffed. “Don’t flatter yourself.” She turned to walk away, but his hand shot out to grasp her arm. His long fingers were firm, but not brutal. His thumb ran slowly back and forth across her skin. Her body heated as the air between them seemed to sizzle.

“What are you doing here, Sandra?”

She tried to pull away, but he didn’t let go. Yvonne shifted as if to intervene. Sandra shook her head at her friend.

“I came to a party, David. Most people go to parties to enjoy themselves.”

“I don’t know what your game is, but don’t play with my brother. He’s been through enough.”

Anger at his audacity nearly made her jerk her arm back. Of course he would think she’d be so low as to intentionally seek out his brother. She calmly pulled her arm from his grasp though the imprint of his fingers burned into her skin. “If I had known he was your brother, please believe, I would not be here.”

“I believe you,” he said almost regretfully. “You were always honest.”

“Something I can’t say about you.” Pain crept through in her softly spoken words. His eyes sharpened in on her. Regret reflected in his, but she couldn’t trust it was really there. Probably just a figment of her overactive imagination.

She took Yvonne’s hand and walked toward the door. David moved to block her way. This time he didn’t bother to hide the hunger in his eyes.

“I thought about you earlier tonight. It’s good to see you again.” His voice rang with sincerity.

Don’t react. Don’t fall for it. “Funny, I haven’t thought of you in years.” She pushed past him and out the door.

Yvonne squeezed her hand. “That was almost convincing,” she said.

Sandra dropped her friend’s hand. “Thirty minutes,” she said. “I don’t care what he thinks; I can’t stay here longer than that.”


I hope you enjoyed the excerpt. I’ll post another one next Friday. December 15th will be here in a blink, but you can pre-order Love’s Replay on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.


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