She was a sexy, tempting—high maintenance and flighty—ball of fire-Just My Type 3rd Preview

The post is late because I was hanging out here.

The post is late because I was hanging out here.

Yes, I’m two days late on my Just My Type preview, but I promise I have a good reason. Me and my hubby went out of town for the long weekend for a late celebration of our 9 year anniversary. It was my first time going to the Jacksonville Jazz Festival, and I must say that I’ll be back. You know I was loving the bucket of ice with a bottle of wine for $10!

So without further delay, here is the next snippet. I promised Freddy’s point of view, and here it is. After the young professionals mixer they attended earlier in the night, Janiyah popped by Freddy’s apartment like she normally does. They’re doing their friendly teasing back and forth, but as you can tell, Freddy’s having a few not just friendly thoughts.



“Can we get to the point of your visit, Janiyah?” Freddy asked.

“Fine. Why did you brush it off when I mentioned hiring me as your assistant?”

Fredrick picked up his book. “Because it’s not happening.”

She scooted closer and grabbed his arm then squeezed his bicep. He tried to ignore the satisfaction the movement caused. He accepted that most women viewed him as the quintessential good guy. Always delegated to the friend zone. Hell, that’s where he was firmly stuck with Janiyah. And exactly where he needed to remain. On the rare occasions he thought about having more, he only had to remember her tendency to change boyfriends like shoes and get over it. But he did enjoy the rare moments when Janiyah noticed there was something beneath his sweater vests and oxford shirts.

“Oh, come on, Freddy! Give me one good reason why you wouldn’t hire me.”

“Number one, I won’t have you skipping around the office in party dresses and calling me Freddy.”

“I wouldn’t skip in the office. And, again, you like my dresses.”

“Forget the dresses. It wouldn’t work out.”

“Do you think I can’t do it? You know I’m a good virtual assistant.”

“Virtual assistant and real assistant are two different things. You set up meetings and work on presentations in your Hello Kitty pajamas with infomercials playing in the background. You can’t do that in the office.”

“I know that. I’d buy work appropriate clothes.”

“Is that it? A job in an office means you can buy a new wardrobe?”

She glared. Her nose crinkled and her mocha colored eyes flashed with irritation.

“You’re not as funny as you think.”

“And you’re not as cute as you think.” He got up and went into the kitchen. The sound of her sucking her teeth followed him.

He tried to imagine Janiyah getting up every morning to go to work. She was an early riser, but he never saw her in anything other than pajamas before noon. He grabbed a carton of vanilla ice cream out of the freezer.

“No, Freddy, no ice cream,” Janiyah said, rushing into the kitchen.

She reached for the carton and he held it out of her reach. She glared and jumped for it. “You shouldn’t eat sugary snacks after eight.”

He held it higher. “You sound like a mother.”

She jumped for the carton again. Her body bumped against his. Electricity sizzled over his skin when her breasts brushed against him.

“Okay, that’s enough.” He took several steps back.

She planted her hands on her hips and pouted. Janiyah was as cute as she thought.

Cuter. Smooth cinnamon skin, soft brown eyes swirled with darker hints that reminded him of espresso. A heart shaped mouth that could keep a man up for hours imaging it doing all types of inappropriate things. With perky breasts that often didn’t require a bra—something he wished he’d never noticed—and a perfect backside and thighs. She was a sexy, tempting—high maintenance and flighty—ball of fire.


Just My Type CoverI hope you’re getting excited for Monday’s release just like I am. If you want to make sure you don’t forget to pick up your copy then go ahead and purchase it now. Just My Type is already up for pre-sale on Amazon.

The last excerpt will go up next Sunday before release. Then I’ve got bunches of blog visits and giveaways going on. Let’s celebrate my 4th release right, y’all! 🙂


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  1. cerenity0 says:

    Very Nice Prelude Synithia, I am waiting patiently for the release next week! 🙂

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