Casual Dating Doesn’t Mean Casual Sex – Just My Type Preview

Wow, in just a few weeks Just My Type will be available! Time is rushing by, or either my time management skills are terrible.

Just My Type CoverSince it’s Sample Sunday and Mother’s Day, I decided to give you all a quick glimpse how my heroine, Janiyah Henderson, interacts with her mom and family. Janiyah is the baby, the youngest of four, with three older brothers. Though they’re all good kids, Janiyah and her brother’s haven’t gone down the path her parents expected them too. So their father calls these routine family meetings as a way to find out what’s going on with his kids and dish out fatherly advice.

The preview today is right before one of those meetings, and right before Janiyah realizes she’s indulged in being the baby girl for far too long.

Quick cast of characters:

Janiyah: heroine

Loretta: mother

Roger: father

Aaron and David : brothers


Janiyah tossed the dress on the bed, still covered in the pink and green comforter she’d had as a teenager, and crossed the room to the adjoining bathroom. There was a knock on the bedroom door soon after she took her clothes off in the bathroom.

“Janiyah, hurry up, your father is waiting,” her mom’s voice called.

“I’ll only be a minute,” she called from the bathroom.

“I don’t understand you kids. Your dad calls a family meeting and none of you are showing any type of interest.”

With a sigh, Janiyah hurried to get dressed. She opened the door and met her mom’s frustrated gaze. “I’ve just got to put on makeup.”

Loretta Henderson looked regal in a deep purple wrap shirt and black slacks. The frown on Janiyah’s mom’s heart-shaped face didn’t take away from her poise and beauty. The complete opposite of Janiyah, Loretta was rarely ruffled, arranged tasteful dinner parties, and remembered to send a thank you card to the mail man at Christmas.

Her mom’s expression became pensive. “Do you have another date?”

“No, I’m meeting Liz for a party.”

Her mom didn’t relax. “Well, that’s not much better.”

“You see, most mothers want their daughters to date.” She came out of the bathroom and grabbed her makeup bag off the bed.

“I would if I thought you were doing it seriously and not for fun.”

“I’m not dating for fun. There’s nothing wrong with going to dinner or a movie with an interesting guy when he asks,” Janiyah said, though she’d repeated this to her mom a hundred times. “Besides, casual dating does not mean casual sex.”

“Oh, Janiyah, please,” Loretta said, waving her hands as if to shoo the words away.

“Well, it’s true. You’ll be happy to know most guys don’t make it past one date.”

“Maybe they would, if you dated some really nice guys,” Loretta said. “Like that music teacher. I liked him, but all of a sudden he was out of the picture.”

“Out of the picture because he thought I was only good for one thing.” You’re a joke, Janiyah. The words he’d uttered right before they broke up played in her mind. She pushed them aside.

Loretta grunted and scowled. “To hell with him then.”

Janiyah grinned and kissed her mother’s cheek. Loretta didn’t play when it came to someone disrespecting her kids. “My words exactly.”

“Enough of this,” Loretta said, effectively changing the conversation away from Janiyah’s dating life. “I’d better see you heading down those stairs in five minutes.”

Janiyah hurried back into the bathroom. “I’ll be there in four. Promise.”

Fifteen minutes later, she’d put on makeup, teased the riot of curls she’d forced her shoulder length hair into, and donned her dress. When she came downstairs, her dad was pacing the length of the family room. Kareem still sketched, David was checking his watch, and Aaron tapped his finger on his cell phone.

“Ready to grace us with your presence?” her mom said with a raised eyebrow.

Janiyah smiled and walked over to lean against the edge of the couch Aaron sat on. “I told you to get started.”

“What are you dressed up for?” Aaron asked.

“The young professionals mixer.”

“And you’re wearing a red dress?” She couldn’t tell if there was admiration or disbelief in his voice. She decided to go with admiration.

Janiyah straightened and brushed the edges of her outfit. The off shoulder cotton dress fit her upper body like a glove and flared out into a mini skirt. The instant she’d seen it at a consignment store the week before she knew she had to buy it.

“Red is bold,” she said.

“And bright,” David said from across the room.

Her dad held up his hands. “That’s enough. I didn’t call you all here to waste time talking about Janiyah’s dress.”

“Do you like my dress, Daddy?”

“You shouldn’t wear red to a professional event,” he said.

Not surprising. Roger was old school through and through. To him, work meant getting up every day and going to an actual location. Which meant he thought Janiyah’s job as a virtual assistant was a real as Super Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom.


Well, what do you think? I’ll post another snippet next week. Introduce you to the hero, Fredrick P. Jenkins, aka Freddy. Then later you know I’ll heat it up with one of their first kisses.

Til next week, have a great day. Happy Mother’s Day!!


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I write love stories filled with passion and drama at night, I improve air and water quality during the day, and I love my husband and kids in between.

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