The First “I Shouldn’t Be Doing This” Kiss-A Heart to Heal Final Preview

Well, y’all, Monday is the day. A Heart to Heal officially releases! I’ve had fun the past few weeks giving you a few snippets of Shayla and Devin, given you a glimpse of who they are. Today I’m giving you a hint of the heat between them. It’s that very first (I shouldn’t be doing this, but damn I’m going to do it anyway) kiss. The kiss comes at the end of a chapter, so I’m including the first of the next chapter so you can see what they’re both thinking.

To set the scene a bit, Devin shows up right after Shayla is fighting back old memories. While his intention is to comfort her, neither can resist the pull between them.



AHTH CoverShayla threw down her fork and dropped her head in her hands. “Stop it, stop it, stop it,” she said. She rubbed her eyes, hoping the movement would prevent the memory of that night from coming. The drinking. The shadows. Tony’s body. Devin’s anger. She slapped her hand on the table.


 It was time to get out of the house. She jumped up and looked for her keys. It was nearing dusk. No Hangman’s Woods, thanks to her promise to Devin. Her options were limited. The one good thing about being home was that there were plenty of country roads she could drive fast on, with the windows down and the music blaring loud enough to drown out stupid old memories. On the way home she’d stop by a convenience store and pick up a bottle of wine. It wasn’t as if she had a job to go too. She could spend the night drinking away the memories.

She snatched her keys of the counter, before nearly running to the front door. When she wrenched it open she gasped. Devin stood on the other end with his hand raised to knock. She stepped back and placed a hand over her pounding heart.

Concern replaced the startled look in his eyes. “Are you okay?”

She nodded. “Yes, I was just about to leave. I need to get out of here.” She tapped her hand on her leg, her eyes looking everywhere but at him.

He looked over her shoulder. “Did someone hurt you?”

She shook her head. “No.” A caustic laugh escaped her. “Yes. Just not today.”

He stepped into the house and placed his hands on her shoulders. They were large and warm, and just like in high school, sent shivers down her spine whenever they touched her.

He kicked the door shut and leaned down to look into her face. “What’s wrong? I’m sorry about yesterday. I shouldn’t have dug into you like that. But I’m still your friend. You can talk to me.”

She lifted her gaze to his and stopped breathing. Whisky brown eyes stared back at her. The dappled sunlight through her window caught the gold in their depths and the woodsy scent of his cologne washed over her. Then it happened. The concern in his eyes switched to desire. Her nerve endings sizzled, her skin heated. His gaze lowered to her mouth and despite herself, she drew her bottom lip between her teeth.

He groaned.

She gasped.

Kia was forgotten as he slowly brought his head down. Her skin tightened when his lips pressed against hers and without a thought she sank into him. His right hand gently grasped the back of her head while his left clasped her hip and pulled her against him. A whimper of longing swept through her when the hardness of his arousal pressed against her stomach. She was drowning, losing herself in this kiss and damn if she didn’t want to.

The thought was enough to jolt her back to reality. She was taking a break from men. She was focusing on her. Her cousin was in love with him. He didn’t like her. One kiss and she was forgetting everything she was supposed to do. She tried to pull away, break contact, but his hand stiffened against her neck before turning her head and pulling her back against him. When his tongue touched her lips, desire won over reason and she opened her mouth. Letting him inside, letting him into her.

Chapter 6

Devin knew he was going down the wrong path. He was supposed to come over, apologize, and shake hands. He was supposed to tell her they could still be friends, but avoid her like the damn plague. Instead he’d recognized the signs she was upset and lost his reason. As if years hadn’t passed, he wanted to find out what upset her and make things better. But in high school he knew enough not to kiss her, otherwise things would go too far. He was supposed to be smarter as an adult, but apparently he wasn’t.

He couldn’t even blame it on an overwhelming rush of desire. It was a slow burn which started the day before. He’d given her plenty of time to pull away, and she hadn’t. Then she’d made that sound, half whimper, half moan, and his d*ck became rock solid. He knew exactly what he was doing. He wanted Shayla Monroe, had wanted her for years, and right now he couldn’t resist her.




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  1. Monday can’t get here fast enough!

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