You Knock Me Off of My Feet: A Heart to Heal Preview 2

Here’s the next preview of A Heart to Heal. Seeing Devin for the first time since returning AHTH Coverhome knocks Shayla off her feet. Literally. Enjoy!


The man looked better every time she saw him. Golden skin over high cheekbones, a straight nose and a full lower lip that used to send her teenage hormones into overdrive.

He’d always been tall and thin, but now his body was all man. Wide shoulders, sinewy arms and legs shown off to perfection in an Under Armor running shirt and basketball shorts. Heat from embarrassment and desire ran through her body.

She quickly tried to stand. A sharp pain shot through her ankle. With a wince, she fell back. Devin shook his head as if to clear it before rushing over to her side.

“Shayla, are you okay?” His long fingers gently gripped her ankle.

She nodded and tried to ignore pleasure vibrating through her body just from his touch.  “Just embarrassed. I must have tripped on something.”

He looked at the clear trail before one corner of his mouth lifted. “Those leaves can be pretty cumbersome.”

Her breath rushed out in a nervous laugh. “Maybe you can sign my petition to have something done about the hazardous leaves in Hangman’s Woods.”

Eyes the color of whisky, smoky brown with golden tones, met hers. Something stirred in their depths before he cleared his throat and looked at her ankle.

He pressed gently and she sucked in a breath. “I don’t think it’s that bad.”

“My ankle?”

He shook his head. “No, the leaves.” He smiled at her. It was the first friendly smile she’d gotten since returning home and warmth filled her chest. “Your ankle, on the other hand, is swelling.”

She frowned. “Really?” She tried to pull her leg away but he increased the pressure.

His touch was firm but gentle. Desire rippled through her as she imagined him pinning her in other ways.

“Really.” His hand flexed before slightly moving up her leg.

She squirmed and bit the inside of her cheek. They were close enough that she could see his pulse jumping at the base of his neck, and she watched his Adam’s apple move enticingly as he swallowed.

He stood briskly and held out a hand. “I’ll take you to my office and wrap it up.”

“There’s no need for that. I don’t live far from here.”

He shook his head. “By the time you limp home your ankle will be in worse shape.”

“I don’t want to inconvenience you.”

“Don’t be foolish. You’re hurt.”

He reached down, placed his hands beneath her arms and lifted her. The movement was so swift her head swam. She placed her hands on his chest to balance herself. His thumbs brushed the undersides of her breasts, making her nipples harden against his chest. It would be so easy to lean closer, wrap her arms around his shoulders. But this was Devin, the last man who would welcome her flirtation. And didn’t she just vow to take a break from men? It was one thing to walk into a relationship not knowing the man would break your heart. Completely self destructive when you knew the man had the power to crush you.


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About Synithia W
I write love stories filled with passion and drama at night, I improve air and water quality during the day, and I love my husband and kids in between.

2 Responses to You Knock Me Off of My Feet: A Heart to Heal Preview 2

  1. Gwen says:

    A little too steamy for 9 AM! 😉

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