The Not So Warm Welcome Home-A Heart to Heal Preview

AHTH CoverA Heart to Heal, my third book, releases in 4 weeks! I had fun counting down the weeks to the release of Worth the Wait back in December by posting a new preview each week. So why not do it again with A Heart to Heal? I hope you enjoy the countdown.

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Chapter 1

“Well, it’s not what you’re used to, but it’s as good as you’ll get.”

Shayla Monroe ignored her mom’s comment and dropped a box of her belongings on the old hardwood floor. If there was one thing she was sure of, Marcella Monroe wanted her to know how lucky she was to have any place to stay. She suppressed a groan and took in her surroundings. As if coming home with a tarnished reputation wasn’t bad enough, she had to live here. The tiny house barely knocked on the door of 1,000 square feet and consisted of a living area, small kitchen, one bedroom and a bathroom with a tub.

No shower. Just a tub.

It was a far cry from the spacious apartment she’d had. Atlanta was a large city, but when you created a scandal, it wasn’t large enough. Shaking aside the regret she constantly lived with, she walked over and took the box her mom was carrying and placed it on the floor.

She cringed after dusting her hands on her jeans. They were once the epitome of style, now they were reduced to a dust rag. “The house is fine, Mom. I’m glad Mr. Porter was willing to let me rent it.”

The frown line between her mom’s eyebrows deepened, blending in with the other worry lines on her tan skin. “Yes, well, he did it as a favor to me. Remember that before you invite anyone over.”

Shayla bit the inside of her cheek. Her plan was to hide out here for a few weeks, not throw a party. But it would be a waste of breath to say that out loud. “I won’t have company.”

Her mom lifted one large shoulder as if what Shayla said didn’t matter. “Just remember, the house is owned by a church deacon.” Marcella turned away. “Did you see the kitchen?”

She didn’t answer because her mother’s question didn’t require a response. They both knew she’d walked through the house with Mr. Porter the day before. His acidic tone and accusing eyes were just as scorching as they’d been when she was in high school. He was one of the many people she’d hoped to never see again when she left Helena, South Carolina after high school. Instead, she had to return home disgraced and needing help from those who weren’t happy to give it.

Her mom shuffled through the small kitchen and adjoining hall into Shayla’s bedroom. “If you paint this room a lighter color, it’ll brighten things up. Just be sure to get the okay from Mr. Porter first.”

Shayla walked from the living area into the connected bedroom. Marcella spared her a fleeting glace before turning away. She ignored the pain. Her mom hadn’t made eye contact with her since she wore pigtails.

Shayla walked over to the king bed and ran her hand along the cream and gold bedspread. The bed took up most of the small room, but she refused to give up all her luxuries. With a defiant stare at her mom’s averted face she said, “I think I’ll paint the walls red.”

Marcella scowled, but didn’t rise to the bait. “On second thought, I’ll go to the hardware store later and pick up some paint swatches. If Mr. Porter agrees to one, your brother can paint.”

“I can paint my own room.”

“Don’t trouble yourself, Kenny can do it.”

Shayla sighed and rolled her eyes. “Kenny has classes. I can do it. It’ll keep me busy until I find a job.”

Marcella’s gaze skirted to her for a second. “Hmmm, well maybe it is a good idea for you to stay occupied.”

Shayla’s lips pressed into a thin line. After a lifetime of her mom’s accusatory tone it still grated her nerves. There would be a huge scarlet letter on her chest if her mom, family, and neighbors had their way. She wasn’t the first person to have an affair end badly—okay, horribly—and she wouldn’t be the last. No need to waste her breath trying to explain the truth behind the situation. The good folks of Helena always preferred thinking the worst about her.

Hopefully someone else in town would cause a scandal and everyone would forget about the harlot in their midst. Or she’d find a job in Columbia or Charlotte and hightail her ass out of here as soon as possible.



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I write love stories filled with passion and drama at night, I improve air and water quality during the day, and I love my husband and kids in between.

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