Where the *Bleep* Did January Go?

January came in with a vengeance. I coasted through the holidays with barely a blip on the stress radar. I should have known things couldn’t go so well without eventually hitting the fan. January was an extremely busy month at both the day and with my writing. And right now, I’m feeling the pull of various responsibilities.

At the day job, a lot of projects that were put on hold over the holidays needed attention. I’m planning festivals for April (affectionately nicknamed Earth Month for me and my other sustainability cronies) and August. There is also the various workshops I’m working on, a new stormwater media campaign we’re starting, three grant projects and revision of our regulatory manual keeping me busy. So it’s pretty clear that coffee during the day is a requirement.

For the part time job, new responsibilities combined with a new book kept me jumping every night. I started doing interviews with Coffee Time Romance a few months ago. I took over as Ways and Means Chair for the Low Country RWA which also comes with the title of Online Workshop Coordinator. Worth the Wait released January 7 with a flurry of guest blog stops and giveaways. I signed a contract for my third book A Heart to Heal with Crimson shortly thereafter, and I have a few queries out on my fourth book (which is the start of a new series).

So glad the boss lets me drink wine at the part time writer job 🙂

The main highlight in the wild and crazy month that was January was all of the emails, Facebook posts and Tweets from readers saying how much they enjoyed Worth the Wait. Each one of them absolutely made my day and I truly appreciate it and the great reviews you’ve put up online.

So even though January went by in a blur, I’m excited to jump into February. Exciting things going on there: my birthday (yay), Valentine’s Day, and my first book signing! More info on the signing coming soon.

© Photographer: Serban Enache | Agency: Dreamstime.com

Okay, enough about me. How did your January go?


About Synithia W
I write love stories filled with passion and drama at night, I improve air and water quality during the day, and I love my husband and kids in between.

One Response to Where the *Bleep* Did January Go?

  1. Arizenia says:

    Time flies when you are busy! Keep- up the good work!.

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