Four Published Stories in Six Months! Interview with Sharon Cooper

Today I’m introducing you to an author who has a very motivational publsihing story. I met Sharon Cooper on Twitter, and later at the Moonlight and Magnolia’s conference. I love it when the folks I met online are just as fun in person, and that’s Sharon. Recently she blogged about her publishing journey. Her ability to get four stories published in six months–good stories mind you–that have reached the Amazon best sellers was something I wanted you all to know about too. Enjoy!

Me: Tell me a little about yourself.

Sharon Cooper: Well, my name is Sharon C. Cooper: I’m a wife, stepmother, author, virtual assistant, freelance writer, and a playwright. I haven’t always been tied to a desk, a computer and a chair. After high school, I spent 10 years as a Sheet Metal Worker. And while enjoying that unique line of work, I attended college in the evening and obtained my B.A. from Concordia University in Business Management. My writing career officially started a few years ago while living in San Diego. It started with me writing (and selling) a children’s play, and then trying my hand at freelance writing. Now, most of my writing focus has been on writing sweet and contemporary romance (with a good dose of suspense).

Me: A sheet metal worker! Wow! That’s an impressive background and probably good places to get story ideas. Recently, you blogged about all you’ve accomplished in the last six months. Can I just say impressive.

SC: Thank you, but I definitely didn’t do it alone. I have some wonderful mentors and five critique partners who have been awesome in providing guidance, encouragement and support.

Me: Sounds like you have a solid writing support system. Tell us about your publishing journey.

SC: Unlike many writers, I didn’t send out a ton of manuscripts to traditional publishers only to have them rejected. I think I might’ve sent out about ten queries and then did nothing – except for start working on the next story. About eleven months ago one of my critique partners (Y.B.) and I was having a writing session when, out of nowhere, she said, “I think you should enter Blue Roses into this contest.” After protesting, I eventually looked into it and thought that a manuscript I had stashed under the bed years earlier, Something New, would be a better fit. Problem was, the manuscript needed some serious work. Long story short I rewrote it in forty-five days and submitted it the day before the deadline. Note: though I didn’t win the contest, that same novel was on Amazon’s top 100 best sellers in multi-cultural romance for five months straight! Once I found out I hadn’t won the contest, that same critique partner said “so now what are you going to do with it?” I hadn’t plan to do anything with it until I had lunch (about a week later) with author Delaney Diamond (and author Candace Shaw). In so many words, Delaney pretty much said – you need to go ahead and indie publish. She went on to give both Candace and I the ins and outs of indie publishing. For weeks to follow, I tapped into some of my other published author friend’s knowledge, including author Chicki Brown, and proceeded to publish my debut novel, Something New, at the end of April 2012. I then published a short story, Best Woman for the Job, a few days later. In July 2012, I published Blue Roses and just last month I published another short story, Secret Rendezvous. Needless to say it’s been a busy few months!

Me: Forty-five days to re-write! Talk about determination. I admire the way you worked hard to get your books published. It’s a great accomplishment. Tell me about your books?

SC: My books are very diverse as it relates to subject matter. I enjoy writing everything from sweet romance to romantic suspense.

  • In my debut novel, Something New (a sweet “edgy” romance), it covers a number of topics: betrayal, forgiveness, dating friends, and the damage that secrets cause. It’s not your typical romance, though it definitely has the happily-ever-after.
  • My second novel, Blue Roses, the first book in my Reunited Series, is more of a contemporary romance with a huge dose of suspense. It’s about an independent, goal-oriented investment manager who throws herself into her work in order to suppress past heartache, and the handsome hero who loves her despite herself.
  • Best Woman for the Job, is the short story prequel to a five-book series that I have coming in 2013 –the Jenkins Family Series. In my past life, I was a sheet metal worker. I experienced the good and bad of being the only female working in a male      dominant environment. This series is about a family who owns and operates a construction company, and most of the key players in the business are women.
  • My latest work, Secret Rendezvous, is a short story prequel to my next novel, Rendezvous with Danger, due out January 2013. Secret Rendezvous is about a hot former Navy SEAL who is dating a CIA counterintelligence agent. When she’s kidnapped while in Mexico, he sets out on a mission of his own to find the woman he can’t live without. NOTE: This is a “FREE” read, available on Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords.

Me: I guessed correctly that your background as a sheet metal worker inspired a story idea 🙂 Tell me, who or what else inspires you as a writer?

SC: Hmm…good question! I don’t think there is just one thing that inspires me as a writer, but several. I LOVE reading romance, especially stories that contain so much more than just the romance. For example, stories by Beverly Jenkins – you always learn something new about a city, or something about history, or even life. So reading great books inspire me. My husband also inspires me. He is such a sweetheart and an amazing man who makes me feel as if our relationship could easily be portrayed in a romance novel.

When do you make time for writing?

SC: Every chance I get! Be that it’s 15 minutes or several hours, I usually have some writing material with me wherever I go – just in case.

Me: Why do you write romance?

SC: I write romance because I enjoy reading it and I’m a sucker for happily-ever-after.

Me: Who doesn’t love the sigh of happiness at the end of a great romance? Now, what advice do you have for other writers?

SC: Keep writing! The more you write, the better you get (typically). Don’t give up even if you get writer’s block and can only get one paragraph done in a sitting. Keep writing! The other advice I would give is – don’t limit yourself to being traditionally published. There are so many great writers out there waiting for that traditional publisher to scoop them up. Though I think it’s perfectly fine to go with a traditional publisher, please know that that’s not your only option. Indie publishing has served me VERY well, and I think if a writer’s main goal is to have their work published – they shouldn’t wait for that call (or email) that might never come.

Last fun question, if money were no object what hobby would you pick up?

If money were no object and if I had more free time (smile), I’d pick up golfing. I golf a few times a year with my husband now, and I enjoy it, but I would love to up that to golfing several times per month – right after I take some lessons.

Me: I want to learn to play golf, maybe one day I’ll join you on the course!

Thanks so much, Sharon for stopping by my blog today! Sharon’s books can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, and All Romance ebooks.

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  1. Thanks so much for the interview, Synithia! You asked some great questions! 🙂

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