The Date is Set

Last week during my much needed and absolutely fabulous beach vacation, I received an email from my Crimson Romance editor. It was a short and simple email saying the August lineup was made and my book is scheduled to release August 20th. After a quick dance around the room and happy hugs with my husband and kids I spent the rest of the afternoon floating on cloud nine. Then it hit me.

Oh crap, my book is really gonna be out there!

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m excited about publication. When my edits came I started tackling them without a second thought. But, I also have the first set of nervous trembles.

I’ve told you all before that I’m a pessimistic romantic. So while I’m all butterflies and rainbows about finding a publisher, I’m fighting my other side that says no one will buy my book. I’m sure this is normal jitters, but for a worry wart like myself it provides me with another thing to fret over.

For instance, when I assumed my book would come out later in the year I felt I had more time to draw up a marketing plan. Well, I’ll really blame that on my tendency to procrastinate, but now I really have to figure out this whole marketing thing.

Me. The world’s worse sales person.

Seriously, I worked for a retail store that threatened to fire me because I didn’t sell enough credit cards. I only sold Avon because I felt it was a brand people knew and would come to me. I’m not a pusher. My motto is you either want something or you don’t. Now, I’ve gotta convince people to read—and hopefully like—my book.

So be ready for future blogs where I purge myself of the fear of success…or failure. I’ll try to disguise them as updates on my progress. Maybe provide something useful to someone in a similar situation. Either way, the date is set, and there’s no turning back.



About Synithia W
I write love stories filled with passion and drama at night, I improve air and water quality during the day, and I love my husband and kids in between.

3 Responses to The Date is Set

  1. denysecohen says:

    At least, you’re thinking of a marketing plan! That’s a start, ha ha. Who would think writing a book is not enough, you have to sell it, too! Here’s my two cents: while is great to do as much as you can to spread the word about your work, it’s much more important to continue working. I’ve discovered social media is a black hole in which you might get lost into and waste much of your time trying to find a way out…it’s painful!
    Having read some of your work, I can say you’re a skilled writer and a great storyteller. I promise you have nothing to worry about, and remember “if you write they will come”–maybe 😉

    • Synithia W says:

      Thanks, Denyse! So, I guess I shouldn’t admit to printing out calendars and making milestones for promotion. 🙂 But you’re right, I will keep writing. I wrote a scene in a notebook while traveling this weekend. Writing is always the most important thing.

  2. nitadee says:

    So. Excited. And HURRAH for the marketing plan–if I can be of service in any way let me know. Meanwhile, I think you’ve already made great decisions by maintaining your social media presence. Definitely continue to update folks during the process–I still think so much of publishing is a mystery that it’s nice for those of us who enjoy a li’l vicarious living (and worrying)!

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