Yes, That’s Cheating.

I recently discussed cheating with a guy. According to him, it’s not cheating unless you have sex without a condom. Needless to say that was the stupidest thing I ever heard. It is as dumb as the men I’ve heard say that it’s easier for a woman to catch a STD because it’s put inside of her, where a man can wash it off, or that it’s worse for a woman to cheat because she’s taking someone inside of her. These are only antiquated thoughts to justify men’s reasons for behaving like complete assholes while expecting their women to behave like virgins. A woman taking another man inside of her is no worse than a man putting himself in another woman. If anything it could be considered worse because his special part (that’s only supposed to belong to his girlfriend/wife?) is surrounded by another woman. Just because you’re protecting yourself doesn’t excuse that you’ve cheated. If a woman decided to step out and used a female condom, is she excused from cheating? I don’t think so. In my book, if you engage in any type of sexual contact with someone other than your man/woman, and you would not want your man/woman doing or receiving the same, then it’s cheating. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Those are the rules in my house, but I’m happy to hear if you disagree.


About Synithia W
I write love stories filled with passion and drama at night, I improve air and water quality during the day, and I love my husband and kids in between.

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